Monster on the Moors

Bobby Holmes, Brenda Watson and friends-- wise guy Stevie and Michael, who struggles with Asperger Syndrome-are embroiled in a deadly mystery in the eerie landscape of the North York Moors of England. A vicious wolf-beast, controlled by the ancient, evil Witches of Westerdale of British lore, hunts them for their blood. While searching for one of their missing friends, Bobby and his mates rely on information from a librarian who is much more than he seems, a gypsy king with magical gifts, and a mysterious stranger at the center of it all.


Tommy Ails

Tommy Ails, Good For What Ails You is a comedic mystery that involves a struggling lawyer named Tommy Ails. Tommy has little going for him, since he received his law degree from a correspondence school and lives on the ground floor of his chain-smoking mother’s house, with Donny, his mentally challenged cousin, for a roommate. By drawing the short straw on a court case, Tommy becomes entangled with Tony Two-Fingers Scirocco, the head of the Florida mafia, Don Cesar, a Columbian drug lord turned movie mogul, and Candy Wrap, the bombshell socialite accused of killing her wealthy, philandering husband, all to the backdrop of the Sarasota Film Festival. Tommy nearly loses his life several times, once as the main course for one of Mother Nature’s finest, but never wavers in his quest to win respect as well as his case.


Praise for Tommy Ails

“What could possibly be sleazier than a sleazy lawyer? Answer: one who got his law degree from a correspondence school! And J.M. Kelly has dug deeply into his fertile imagination to come up with an assortment of equally outrageous characters for his Tommy Ails to get involved with.”

—Margo Bowblis, Author of Walking With the Shadow of Love: The Remarkable Story of Lakota and the Zeakie Dog

The Lost Treasure

The Lost Treasure is an exciting thriller about four young adolescents who come together to solve a deadly mystery. The spirit of a long dead pirate seeks his 300-year-old buried treasure through the possessed body of a diabolical descendant. It’s up to 11-year-old Bobby Holmes from England, his American cousin Brenda Watson, her best friend Stevie, and new kid Michael, an unlikely hero who has Asperger Syndrome, to fight the suffocating caves of a haunted mountain, save each other, and come out alive!


Praise for The Lost Treasure

“Debut author Kelly displays a keen, nostalgic eye for childhoods well spent adventuring. His prose is lush with whimsy—“Their mouths began to water like broken faucets”—though he captures natural beauty just as well: “Sunlight streaked through the entangled branches, painting splotches of bright light on the moss covered canvas below.” Amid the genre trappings, there are also excellent messages for younger audiences. An irresistibly bright world, packed with winning characters and real danger.”

—Kirkus Reviews

In Search of Leadership

Take a voyage on the Muscongus Bay in Maine with a reluctant sailor in search of wisdom from one of the preeminent educators of our time. Jim Kelly, an accomplished school principal and self-described landlubber, ventures aboard the personal craft of international author and lecturer Roland Barth, for a unique one on one discussion of all things educational. The result is, as Roland describes, “a collection of timeless nuggets of wisdom for himself and for the rest of us who would venture aboard a boat and into a schoolhouse.